If you have been following the news this past week in the Colorado marijuana industry, you know it has been a busy week. Officials have suggested outright banning marijuana edibles, only to retreat, realizing such measures are likely illegal because the state’s marijuana legalization measure says that marijuana is legal in all forms. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment wanted regulators to limit edibles to tinctures and hard lozenges.

As Halloween approaches, many parents have expressed concern that children will end up with pot-infused treats. Instead of outright banning edibles, lawmakers want to give pot edibles a different look so people can tell the difference between a regular brownie and a pot brownie. Others have pointed out that this will not necessarily keep edibles out of the hands of children because people can make their own edibles that aren’t subject to such regulations. Those of you familiar with current regulations already know that measures are being taken to keep children from eating marijuana-infused edibles such as avoiding using packaging that includes cartoon characters that would appeal to children.

What this week has truly shown us is how quickly things in the marijuana industry can change. Lawmakers are still making tweaks to the law and there are still many meetings and discussions being held over the best way to handle people’s concerns. It is expected for final rules to be settled by 2016, but between now and then, it could be tricky to keep up with what is happening in the industry. At American Tape & Label, we stay aware of all of these changes. We’re local — based in Colorado — so we understand the challenges that come with the industry. If you consider yourself an expert or reliable source on topics relating to the marijuana industry, especially on topics related to marijuana-infused edibles, now is the time to speak out and give the public and officials information about your products and what you are doing to keep your products as safe as possible.

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