Sometimes a business has labeling and packaging needs that go far beyond the typical label. Sometimes new regulations virtually spring up overnight and that is where American Tape and Label excels. When your business needs a flexible and experienced partner who understands your labeling requirements, understands the business you are in and understands the need to be creative in problem solving, then you have a winning team.

Let’s take a look at how that experience can pay off for local marijuana dispensaries who are handling all of these issues at once.

Colorado Marijuana Dispensary Labeling and Packaging Laws Created from Scratch

One of the most difficult issues for the dispensaries is that they literally have hundreds of new products to be packaged and labelled in an environment where regulations simply did not exist several months ago and are being created from scratch. They have everything from food products with THC content to the actual product itself.

“We’re a new industry,” said Christie Lunsford, marketing and education director for Dixie Elixirs, a manufacturer of foods infused with THC. “We are under a microscope. Even my competitors, who are food novices — they really care about providing for the consumer and making sure they’re safe.”

Christie’s quote from a public media site shows the delicate nature of dealing with all of these new products, labeling requirements and what is for many of the marijuana dispensaries, a brand new business as well.

American Tape and Labels years of experience with Food and Beverage label (and with labeling requirements of all varieties) are just what these businesses need. The ability to adapt to changing (and even brand new) industry requirements starts with the experience and deep knowledge of the basic business. Our goal is to adapt our expertise to help businesses similar to Dixie Elixers meet the labeling and packaging requirements that they have, at a reasonable cost and with labels that are attractive and compliment their branding and marketing.


The marijuana industry’s labelling and packaging struggles are particularly unique when even those regulating the industry are confused at times.  More from the same article above.

“To a large extent we’re learning a lot as we go along. The right thing to do from a regulatory standpoint is to make sure we can comprehensively regulate all these businesses and ensure the health and welfare of the citizens of the state of Colorado,” saidLewis Koski, the Division of Marijuana Enforcement’s director. He took the job a little more than a week after the first retail marijuana shops opened their doors Jan. 1.”

The bottomline is that for those in the marijuana and THC food product industries who may be frustrated with their current solution, American Tape and Label can help. We can step into the role of that flexible and experience label and packaging partner that can provide you the solutions you need. We are here to help. If you would like to meet with us to discuss your situation specifically, give us a call! We would be happy to understand your needs and offer our experience to you.