What type of label you use, the design of the label, the language of the label and other extrinsic clues all matter when it comes to the customers perception of the value. This was the subject of an Australian marketing study that covered 5 continents and appeared in winebiz.com <http://www.winebiz.com.au/features/default.asp?VIEW=118> . These extrinsic cues led the customer to perceive quality and thus pay a premium price for the wine.

One of the five extrinsic (not the taste of the wine) factors that caused a significant perception of quality was (you guessed it) Label design and uniqueness. Taking the time to CRAFT just the right label and having it printed on the correct stock is crucial to a consistent image and perception with the consumer. Get it right and your customer will perceive the quality of the wine and will WANT to pay premium prices more readily. Get this part incorrect and it may well lead to more difficulty in commanding premium pricing.

Do they matter in other beverage and food packaging as well? Yes, but in wines the value of perceived quality yields a significant reward in sales.

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