People may buy candles for their aroma, but the candle labels are what make them first decide to sample the scent. Candle labels can be more difficult than other kinds of labels because they need to be able to stand as a visual representation of the candle’s scent. At American Tape & Label, we are up to the challenge! Our dedicated team will work with you through every step of the design process to make sure the label captures the essence of the candle’s scent. We also understand that candle labels need to be able to withstand high temperatures, and that’s why we will help you select the best materials to ensure your label lasts as long as your candle burns. Other things to consider is the type of container the label needs to adhere to. Candle labels are usually applied directly to tins or jars, and the scents and colors in the candle can sometimes cause discoloration. The team at American Tape & Label will help you design a label that will stick without discoloring.

While candles are not subject to FDA regulations, there are safety standards to consider. Industry standards help ensure safety, and since candles are a potential fire hazard, many candles have safety labels applied to the bottom of the container. At American Tape & Label, we create custom candle labels for homemade candles and commercial products.