Summer means two things — hotter weather and lots of events. From fundraisers to conventions, summer is a great time to promote your business, cause or organization. One great way to get your message out there is with custom water bottle labels.

Custom water bottle labels are great for conventions, business meetings, parties, workshops, camps, clubs, classes, charities, fundraisers and other events.

Custom water bottle labels can be a great way to welcome guests and clients to your business, convention or fundraiser. American Tape & Label is your one-stop shop for all of your custom water bottle label needs. We can help you design an attractive label that stands up to moisture without fading, bleeding, peeling or smudging.

An increasingly popular option for water bottle labels are clear labels that can add elegant, understated flair. Semi-gloss labels can add shine and a touch of class. American Tape & Label can also work with you to create a three-dimensional effect by using both the front and back of the label to add depth.

Custom water bottle labels can give you a unique opportunity to make clients and guests feel special while you promote your event, business or fundraiser. Whether you are using customized water bottles as a welcoming gift, a parting favor or throughout your event, American Tape & Label will make sure your artwork, logo and company name look crisp and attractive.

If you aren’t sure where to start in designing your custom water bottle labels, don’t worry — the experienced team at American Tape & Label will work with you through every step of the design process, from choosing the design to selecting the correct paper, film and inks.

Allow your guests, clients and customers cool off in style with a water bottles adorned with durable, custom American Tape & Label custom water bottle labels.