There has never been a better time to design and market your own gourmet hot sauce. Whether you are using the hot sauce as gifts or to market on a larger scale, American Tape & Label can help you with all of your labeling needs. If you have taken the time to create a bold hot sauce, you need a label that reflects the flavor of your sauce.

Designing a creative, eye-catching label is just the first step! There is no point in having a beautiful label design if the label is not going to stick. At American Tape & Label, we take every aspect of the product and the label into consideration. Our number one priority is your satisfaction!

We will help you choose durable labels that can stand up to varying temperatures and conditions to make sure that your labels will withstand distribution, use and storage. Labels from American Tape & Label will stand up to conditions and keep from peeling and bleeding. We’ll make sure the label sticks to your hot sauce container and lasts as long as the sauce does.

There are some popular trends in gourmet hot sauce label designs. Smokey flavored hot sauces often feature a more rustic aesthetic with sepia tones and crinkled effects along with matte colors. This is great for country, old west, cactus and cowboy themed hot sauces. Other designs use crisp colors and bold inking to highlight ingredients and emphasize what makes your sauce standout from the others. Of course, there are also different ways to combine these popular design choices. You are only limited by your imagination!

Our experienced design theme will work with you to ensure your label reflects the unique spice, flavor and boldness of your hot sauce. We can help you select the proper materials and create a design that says exactly what you want it to say while standing out from competitors.

When you are choosing a label company, it is vital that they understand all of the regulations surrounding a product. At American Tape & Label, we understand the FDA guidelines and can help make sure your product meets every regulation. We can even add a tamper-evident seal to your product’s packaging.

At American Tape & Label, we will help you with every step of the process to make sure your label works for you.