Shampoo labels have to send several messages at once. Consumers want to feel that the product they are buying is a safe, trustworthy product, but they also want a product that stands out. Since shoppers make buying decisions in a matter of seconds, it is important that your shampoo label stands out on the shelf. At American Tape & Label, we can offer a variety of suggestions to help ensure your shampoo label expresses exactly what you want it to say. Our bold inks and rich colors can be perfectly paired with a variety of finishes to create the ideal label for your shampoo.

Another way to make your shampoo to standout is to highlight different benefits of your unique product. For instance, you might want to draw attention to natural ingredients, promote an enticing scent or emphasize product benefits. One popular way to express the idea of a clean, natural product is with a clear label. Clear labels add class while letting the customer see the actual product, making your shampoo seem more natural, simple and trustworthy.

At American Tape & Label, we understand the bath and beauty industry, and we realize that shampoo labels need to be able to withstand high temperatures and moisture. We will help you select the proper adhesive and inks to make sure your label can stand up against bleeding, peeling and fading. We want to make sure your labels last as long as your shampoo does and help customers connect themselves with the image portrayed on your label each time they use it. When a customer uses a product consistently, they form a certain bond with the product and the image of the product. If they see the label over and over again, they will remember the product and the product name next time they go to buy more shampoo. If you have any questions or concerns about the design process, we are happy to help you. We want you and your product to be a success!