When you choose a company — any kind of company — you want to make sure that you are putting your trust in a responsible, reliable organization that cares about more than their own bottom line. At American Tape & Label, we are proud to offer eco-friendly/green labels.

We know that our precious environment needs to be preserved, and all of us are responsible for doing what we can to protect it. American Tape & Label has taken great strides in reducing our carbon footprint. While the labeling and packaging industry presents several unique challenges in turning production into a more “green” process, we have dedicated ourselves to make a difference both internally and through our customers.

The process of creating labels involves the use of a variety of toxins — many of which can harm the environment. We have worked to eliminate the use of such toxins and we will continue to work toward perfecting a completely green label production process.

When you choose American Tape & Label, you can rest easy knowing you are deciding to work with a company that cares about our environment and our customers.