Labels are an important part of drawing in consumers, but overall packaging also plays a big role. You may find that flexible packaging is just what your product needs to help it stand out. This is an especially popular option if you want to sell individually packaged products. Flexible packaging allows designs to be printed directly onto the packaging! American Tape & Label flexible packaging allows your costumers to bring your product along with them on the go in bendable, foldable packages that can easily be stored in purses, cosmetics bags, lunch boxes and suitcases. Not only can these small portions be useful for travel, they can also be great for sample sizes. The flexible, airtight packaging will product from moisture and damage while offering convenience for your customers.

Popular products frequently stored in flexible packaging include lotions, shampoos, spices, sunscreens, facial masks, sauces and condiments, single serve mixes, single serve coffee and single serve teas that can be stored and marketed in pouches, sachets and packets. This can be a great way to entice your customers to try your product for the first time or simply offer convenient, portable versions of your product. When it comes to marketing your product, it really pays to think outside of the box — or the bottle.