Labeling and packaging requirements are always changing, so it’s crucial to look ahead to future possible regulations — especially if your product is a food product. At American Tape & Label, we understand that staying on top of these ever-changing requirements can be exhausting and that the regulations can often be confusing — which is why we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on all of the latest labeling trends and regulations.

For instance, many consumers are interested in having GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods labeled. Some countries already require GMO labels such as Australia, China and Japan. In fact, in Vermont legislature requiring GMO labeling has already been approved, although it is currently being challenged. If GMO labeling became required, would it impact your product? If your product does not contain GMO’s, it could be a good idea to go ahead and add that on the label. Something as simple as “GMO Free” could go a long way in attracting consumers and putting you ahead.

Another future regulation could be changing the way sugar is measured on food labels. Some consumers have expressed concern in not being able to assess how much sugar is in a product because sugar is measured in grams. Some suggest instead listing the sugar in teaspoons because few Americans actually know how much sugar is in a gram. If your product does not contain much sugar, it could benefit you to go ahead and list “only 2 teaspoons of sugar!” or “sugar free!” on the packaging.

No matter what is the future of food labeling requirements entrails, you can trust that American Tape & Label will stay on top of all of the latest news, trends and regulations to make sure your labels and packaging are keeping consumers interested, informed and safe while complying with every regulation and requirement.