You have your product perfected. Everything is exactly the way you want it, but aren’t you forgetting something?

There could be regulations about your product that you weren’t even aware of. At American Tape & Label, we understand that regulations can be confusing and complicated. That’s why you need an experienced label company that knows can help ensure your product labels meet every standard.

Labels exist to entice AND inform consumers. If your product is missing important information from the label, then the product label is not doing the job it was meant to do. Consumers want to feel safe and comfortable with the products they use, and with food allergies and health conscientiousness on the rise, accurate labels and packaging are more important than ever.

If your product is a food product, Food and Drug Administration regulations apply. According to FDA regulations, food labels should always include a complete list of all food ingredients, minerals, calorie values and typical serving size. If your product has one of the “Top 8 Allergens,” the allergens must also be included on the label. The top 8 allergens are milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybeans. Food labels should also include name of the food along with the net quantity.

Other types of products have their own regulations as well. Dietary and nutraceutical products should also have accurate labels. Important information that should always be included in your product labels include the product name, the active and inactive ingredients of the product, drug facts, directions, warnings, allergic reactions and instructions for use.

When it comes to marijuana edibles, there are other precautions that must be taken. Child-proof, tamper-evident packaging is important for a variety of products. There are special considerations that should be made when designing the labels and packaging for marijuana edibles.

Our experienced team at American Tape & Label are capable of creating FDA compliant labels for a variety of products including foods, drinks, cosmetic products, dietary products, marijuana edibles and more. We will help make sure your packaging is as informative as it is eye catching.