Box Tape

Box Tape

Box tape is important in the final production process. Companies strong tapes they can rely on to withstand rough shipping conditions. Our reinforced tapes will allow you to have that confidence that your box or containers will get to their destination safely. American Tape & Label can provide you with blank or pre-printed information on tape. Pre-printing on the tape allows for, but is not limited to, having your company name, website, or phone number on the boxes that you are sealing. We provide both reinforced kraft and 35lb freezer tape. American Tape & Label offers a variety of competitive prices, including wholesale and retail pricing. Please call us for specific questions so that we can help cater to your needs!

Reinforced Box Tape:

Reinforced kraft box tape has been used for many different purposes within the manufacturing industries. This type of boxing tape allows for representation of your company while sturdily holding a box together. This high-grade kraft tape is water-activated and reinforced with strong fiberglass yarns. The water-activated adhesive bonds are grooved for extra strength to withstand industry situations allowing for strong sealing needs. Reinforced tape can seal boxes with just one strip of tape. Our tape comes in a standard white or a brown kraft color, but we have the ability to print multiple colors on the tape custom to your needs. American Tape & Label will help guide you with artwork and specific application questions you might have.

35lb tape:

35lb freezer tape is a thin, dry tape that comes exclusively in white. We have the ability to print on the paper leaving a customized message on the tape. This tape is typically used by meat processors who are putting their products in the freezer but can be useful in a variety of applications. This tape is freezer tolerant, allowing your product to stay wrapped up safely and sealed tightly for a long amount of time! Please call us to order your customized 35 lb tape.