CBD in colorado

The marijuana and CBD industry is a new and developing industry in Colorado. As a local Colorado company, American Tape & Label is familiar with marijuana laws and regulations in Colorado. We understand the needs of this rapidly growing industry, and we can help walk you through every step of the marijuana labeling process. From medical marijuana to recreational and edibles, we can provide the correct labels for your marijuana products.

FDA Regulations

We also understand FDA regulations and guidelines to help ensure your products are always in full FDA compliance. We recognize the safety concerns and potential hazards that marijuana edibles can present to children, so we are certain to make sure product labels never appeal to children by actively avoiding the use of cartoon-like characters to promote products. As the marijuana industry continues to grow and develop, more changes and regulations are sure to emerge, and we will be sure to stay ahead of the information to help steer your business easily through the hurdles.

Ahead of the pack

At American Tape & Label, we are dedicated to staying on top of changes in the industry to make sure your labels are always in compliance with current marijuana packaging and labeling laws. Contact us today to discover how American Tape & Label can assist you with all of your marijuana product labeling and packaging needs.