Attention Grabbers

Coupons are the best way to grab a consumer’s attention when they are searching through hundreds of items while shopping. They will often use that coupon to decide which product to choose based on the discounted price, as well as drive new customer growth by instilling a willingness to try a new product because of the discount. In addition, this can lead to an association of goodwill toward that brand, customer loyalty, and repeat business.

High-Quality Application

At American Tape & Label, we print high-quality coupon labels that can be applied to the product, and later removed for the customer to redeem at the time of purchase, or even at a later date. The top layer is made without adhesive so it can easily be removed without leaving any residue, keeping the product label sharp and clean.

Premium Material, Expert AdviCe

Our premium materials can be white or clear to allow information and graphics to be seen once the label is lifted. As the best custom label company, you can trust that the coupon label you need for your product will stand out in the crowd. We will get the job done efficiently and with the highest quality possible. We have state-of-the-art technology that can create unique coupon experiences for your customers. We have the ability to print any color you can imagine so that your coupon label can attract the customers you are seeking. Call us today and talk to our experts about your next coupon!