Manufacturing Custom Product Labels Since 1972

American Tape & Label is a label manufacturer located in the beautiful state of Colorado. Visit our label and packaging center in Denver off North Broadway or order labels through our convenient online order form to get started. New customers enjoy a discount on their first custom label order, a free guided walk-through of our facility and help from start to finish during the label creation process. We at American Tape & Label pride ourselves on top-notch customer service, working closely with businesses and project starters to make the biggest market impact. Let us be an extension of your business!

We are a custom design label company and service any type of industry. We do long run and short runs multiple copies and ship all over the country. We inventory if needed and we also label packages. We also have the resources to help with all label compliance situations. We can produce any type of label. We have different types of papers and print methods to accommodate all of their needs. We are all customs and can do different shapes and sizes. We are set up for long runs and short runs. Please call us today at 303-427-0588.

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    • Custom product labels
    • Fast turnaround time
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      • Digital
      • flexographic
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      • short runs multiple copies
      • long runs multiple copies

American Tape & Label was established back in 1972 based on a family business that was built on a dream from one man’s passion in regards to labels. Since then this company has grown to handles almost any thing when it comes to labels and packaging. Below are a list of industries that we provide both long and short runs for:

  • Meat companies
  • Marijuana companies
  • Nutursutical companies
  • Brokers
  • Advertising companies
  • Water companies
  • Chemical companies
  • Anyone who needs a label


American Tape & Label has been manufacturing custom labels since 1972 for all different types of products no matter your quantity we are here to consult.


We have high quality labels and outstanding turnaround time, you will be satisfied with our customer service. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy.


Contact us with any of your questions at 303-427-0588 or stop in at our office to get one on one support and tour the facility at 6390 Broadway Denver, CO 80216.

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