The boxes that we use are recyclable! The goal is to use boxes that can be recycled yet meet the criteria for high performance! We actively encourage transformation that is economically robust and provides benefit throughout its lifecycle. They are made from materials that are healthy.

Boxes and Shipping Options:

At American Tape & Label we make sure that when packaging we are doing so in the most sustainable way. We currently use boxes that can be recycled. We also allow other ways of shipping to help eliminate stress on the environment. If you are interested in any of these, please contact Amber McConnell, and she will fill you in on the latest options.

Did you know that paper products are the biggest single component of community waste? Though much of this is recyclable, the sheer volume compelled environmental researchers to find a new solution. This solution is Treepac. Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) judges took notice and honored the concept with a Silver International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) in the eco-design category.

Treepac is a reusable shipping container intended to replace cardboard boxes. The structure is made entirely of sustainable wood-based polymer cellulose acetate. Treepac is used like cardboard packaging but is designed to enable and encourage people and companies to improve their environmental impact. The more times each pack is used, the greater its positive effect on the environment. Consumers are able to drop off boxes at designated locations.