Papers Used for Labels

Papers Used
for Labels

Ecologically Beneficial Papers Used For Labels

American Tape & Label specializes in all special applications or applications that require specific materials due to laws or placement of the products. We are able to order a variety of different papers with different adhesives. It is our goal to satisfy and meet any and all of your label requirements. In order to have a complete and quality end product we take the time to order the best type of paper for both our environment and for your applications. We are constantly researching papers and adhesives so we can produce labels that are of top quality and that are better for the environment.

American Tape & Label has the capability to produce an economically acceptable label. By analyzing production methods and materials used, we have improved our ways to create your custom label so that it can be more environmentally friendly. American Tape & Label will continue to come up with ways that are safer for the environment and hope that you will utilize our materials when creating your label.

Renewable products In the label production process:

There are a variety of different papers that can be used according to custom requirements. We offer products made from renewable resources designed from the ground up. These products consist of elements that are “green” such as corn, bamboo, sugar cane. All of these can be replenished more quickly than the traditional wood-based papers.

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Post Consumer Waste Products (PCW):

We are also capable of producing labels from fiber that has been previously used by consumers and turned into post consumer waste. This way of producing pressure sensitive labels is a more “green” way of manufacturing labels. The products have an immediate impact on reducing landfill waste while maximizing forest resources.

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Label Adhesives:

A label adhesive is important when deciding what will work best for your specific product. We have a plethora of quality label adhesives of which are environmentally safe. Not only do we have water dissolvable papers, we have many environmentally-complacent adhesives (EBA). The dissolvable adhesives can be cleanly removed with the use of water; while other adhesives are strong enough to stay on the products for a long period of time. These papers are tested and certified as compatible with the paper recycling process. They also meet the requirements for the recycling compatible Adhesive (RCA) Standard. American Tape & Label is constantly searching for new papers and adhesives that will not only work best for your product but that can be as safe as possible for the environment. Click the more button to find out more about dissolvable papers.

Our dissolvable papers are not only environmentally friendly; they serve a great purpose in the case of wanting the label to be removed when submerging under water. The label will dissolve in about 30 seconds. There will be no need to scrub the label off or use any substance to try and remove the label. Dissolvable paper would be luxurious when dealing with food or jars that need to be cleaned and the label removed. This type of paper allows for multiple purposes. This is also FDA compliant, fully biodegradable, and leaves no residue on the container. Dissolvable is one of many films that we carry on the economically friendly line.

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