Pre Press Graphic Artist / Marketing

Pre Press Graphic
Artist / Marketing

American Tape & Label is looking for a person who can join our team and continue to grow with our company.  The Jobe entails setting up files for both flexographic printing and digital printing.  One will be putting information on Job bags and sending files to the press. This person must be detailed oriented at all times. This person must have a positive attitude and be self motivated. This person must always be willing to help in whatever graphics department that may be! We are excited to grow and get to the next level and this person will help fulfill this department.  Because prepress is not quite full time this person will be designing labels, working out web design, and social media pages. We are looking for a prepress person to help grow our company and take us to the next level.

Required skill:

Adobe Illustrator
Familiar with Video editing
pays attention to small details always
good at typesetting
Handel’s pressure well
Familiar with outlines and fonts
Good communication
Able to work with clients and understand what they want.
Benefits will be discussed at the time of the interview.
90 day probation and training period.