Services and Capabilities

Services and

One of the benefits of using American Tape & Label is that you are allowing experts to look at your products to make sure that the look will stand out on the shelf next to all the other products. A consumer wants to know that they are buying the most refreshing product. Although it is said you cannot judge a book by its cover, it is true that the cover does have an initial impression and some are more eye catching than others, gaining more attention than all the products next to it! With our special tooling and ability to adjust colors, you will get the rich or soft colors that are desired. There are many different options such as, matte, gloss paper and protective finishing. We have over 1,500 dies in stock that are available, with the ability to order in custom shapes.


Contract Labeling

American Tape & Label is willing to fulfill specific requirements. This program presents many options such as having specific paper in stock, or having labels on hand for your products. There are certain criteria for this program that need to be met. Please call a sales associate to go over the parameters of this program.


Wholesale and Retail Sales

We keep both wholesale and retail files for certain pricing situations. American Tape & Label values the relationships that are developed over the years with our customers. We offer press checks so that the customer can be completely satisfied with their products. In fact we recommend this for many new customers. As a custom label company we are also willing to schedule a label consultation at your place of business.  Please call for more information in regards to a seminar and the wholesale process.

Please contact us to schedule a quick seminar and receive a wholesale packet to help your company flourish!

International Sales

American Tape & Label has been selling labels internationally for many years and is familiar with all international shipments and requirements that it takes for this to be successfully possible. We are willing to ship to many different international locations. Please call for more information about shipments and capabilities in regards to international sales.


Internet Services

American Tape & Label has taken steps over the years to become technologically advanced. We have a software program that will keep you updated with the status of your orders. We make ordering online easy by allowing you to send us a purchase order through email. Our sales associates expedite purchase orders hourly for rapid and a more convinent service for our customers. We make ourselves available by phone and email so the timing is always right. It is our job to worry about the labels not our customers. We go above and beyond to know, meet, and exceed our customers’ needs.