Seven Reasons to Use American Tape & Label

Seven Reasons to Use American Tape & Label

1. American Tape & Label is completely committed to our customer’s expectations. We strongly believe that great customer service does not just mean delivering labels. More specifically it means exceeding our customer’s expectations and delivering more value and benefits than any other label company. We believe that developing relationships with our customers and our one-on-one customer service delivers high-quality products as well as creates the best custom product one can look for.

2. In a bind? We can help! We have all been in a situation where the products need to be out on the shelves in a rush. American Tape & Label is perfect for a rush situation. American Tape & Label can print high-quality custom labels to be shipped out in exceptional amounts of time. We will do whatever it takes to make your company a success and get you out of your bind.

3. American Tape & Label understands the importance of label quality. It is true that the label is a reflection of the quality of the customer’s products. We know that your product may be competing with multiple products on the shelf and that the label quality becomes imperative when being chosen by consumers. Therefore, with our expertise and prepress abilities, we will choose the best kind of paper, adhesive, and coating so that your product will last the longest. American Tape & Label will give you a plethora of options to best suit all that you will need to win that battle on the shelves!

4. American Tape & Label knows you value convenience and efficiency! We take into consideration that our customers want the easiest and most efficient way of ordering labels. Therefore, to better accommodate our customers, we take orders and put out quotes by email quickly. We are able to order all of your materials within two weeks including new dies or special adhesives. Our software system allows you to be updated at all times on the status of your order.

5. American Tape & Label donates to many communities and programs in need.  For over 10 years American Tape & Label has sponsored many athletic teams, fundraiser marathons, and academic events for many schools from elementary schools to colleges, as well as a variety of non-profit organizations. American Tape & Label strongly believes in being involved in the community. In the midst of the busy corporate world, it is important to not forget the true meanings in life. It is proudly said that American Tape & Label takes the time to help those in need.

6. American Tape & Label is constantly evolving with new technology to help produce a quality label. As we sharply cut the shapes either onto rolls or sheets and put them into stacks we have high-quality cameras mounted so that operators can continuously make sure all the proper components are aligned to produce a quality label. This camera allows the operator to closely inspect the labels while running them at high speed. This also allows the operator to monitor double what can be monitored by the naked eye. American Tape & Label is constantly undergoing technological advances to produce top-quality products.

7. The last but the most important reason to use American Tape & label is that we are fun to work with!!!!