Variable Image Printing

Image Printing

American Tape & Label offers a variety of printing techniques to best complete your project, including variable image printing. Variable image printing employs digital printing capabilities to offer our valued customers the very best in flexibility, affordability and timeliness. Variable image printing can be used to print barcodes, consecutive number labels and much more. In variable image printing, elements like text, graphics and images can be altered from one printed piece to the next.

Digital printing works by using a digital file to recreate an image from dots. The operator can then choose to alter which pieces of variable information the printer should be printed. Variable image printing is a good option for labels and packages that contain serialized barcodes, multiple languages, labels for different brands, date labeling, country of origin labeling, variations in color, variations in text, scratch-off labels and direct marketing campaigns. Contact us today to find out if variable image printing can help you with your project.