Blank Labels

American Tape & Label has everything required to be an industry leader in specialty blank labels. We have over 1,500 cutting dies in stock with the ability to order in new special sizes to allow our customers to use a specific size to fit specific product requirements. We have a wide range of paper types in stock, including thermal transfer and direct thermal labels. Having these specialty materials always in stock allows for you to receive your order promptly. Our knowledgeable staff can help direct you in knowing which papers, adhesives, and varnishes to order for your specific machines and needs. We offer new problem solving ideas and will help with all of your challenges. Call us with further questions so that we can get you set up with the proper materials.

Thermal Transfer Blank Labels:

American Tape & Label has helped companies to save a great amount of money with the thermal transfer method. Coating the labels with a special lamination or UV varnishes, either with a matte or gloss look, lengthens the durability and otherwise strengthens the labels, as well as protecting the information being printed on the actual label. This introduces liquid resistance to your label and gives it more protection while still allowing the label to be printed on. The paper can also be customized with different adhesives for special applications: removable, permanent, tamper-evident, temperature sensitive, bar-coding, FDA-approved for food applications, etc.

Thermal transfer paper is a material that bonds with a wax ribbon. When the thermal transfer paper is pressed thermally by the print head, the wax based ink is melted and a layer is softened and glued to the paper. This enables the image to be transferred to the thermal transfer paper and becomes a bright and vivid finished print. In other words, the heat melts a coating of ribbon so that it stays glued to the material on which the print is applied. Special software is needed, however, so please contact us for further details.

Direct Thermal Blank Labels:

Direct thermal paper offers an inexpensive way to print for a variety of general-purpose applications, with a variety of necessary information. Unlike thermal transfer labels, direct thermal technology does not require a ribbon. Instead, a chemically coated heat-sensitive material produces images as heat is applied to the surface. Direct thermal is ideal for indoor applications where temperatures will not exceed high levels. The paper can also be ordered with different adhesives for different applications: removable, permanent, tamper-evident, temperature sensitive, bar-coding, FDA-approved for food applications, etc. Please contact us for further information or samples!

Pre-Printed Blanks:

Over the years, American Tape & Label has helped many companies save money and increase production rates by streamlining and taking on the labeling process for their company and customizing it for their particular business requirements. American Tape & Label has the ability to preprint designs or information while allowing the label to be ran back through and printed on for customized individual information, even if it’s only one or two copies. In many cases, our customers want their logo on the series of labels that will be going out but each label in the series has personalized information that distinguishes each from the others. American Tape & Label is more than capable of this process, allowing those customers to have their common artwork on the label yet also allowing them the luxury of printing different information on each, alleviating further charges. This is beneficial for address labels, flavors, bar-coding, food ingredients, sequential barcoding, etc. American Tape & Label is willing to go the extra mile and help various amounts of information for you!

Call us for more information and to receive a quote within minutes with your specific requirements.