Beverage Labels

Consumers Taste with Their Eyes

Consumers' first taste is with their eyes. Knowing this will prompt you to create a label that is not just visually appealing, but that appeals to all of the senses.  Your label is a vital part in marketing and can make or break the success of your product. When deciding on a company to manufacture your product labels, special attention must be given to their reputation. Some questions to ask are: Are they easy to work with? What is their reputation? How much experience does the company have? How much product knowledge do they have?

Material Matters

American Tape & Label has relationships with label applicators and contract packaging companies to make sure that from start to finish things go smoothly for your product. We also run the labels specially to fit in machine-applied label applicators. Being in business since 1972, our custom label company has accumulated the expertise and capability to meet all of your bottling needs. We produce our labels on wet strength semi-gloss paper, biaxally oriented polypropylene (BOPP), gloss paper or polypropylene film with the appropriate adhesive to meet your unique labeling requirements. Let American Tape & Label take the stress off you and help you develop the most successful and award winning product.

Bottle/ Beverage Labels

American Tape & Label is able to produce labels for bottle applications such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, food jars, and plastic jug labels. We will meet any and all of your bottle/beverage packaging requirements. We have a range of materials to choose from making sure that your labels are long-lasting and will not fade even in the case that liquid may be constantly spilled on the label. We carry special paper stock for many bottle/beverage application situations. American Tape & Label has the ability to print on the back side of the labels, allowing those holding the bottle to view the print through the clear container.

Wine Labels:

In the wine industry the label is the most important part of this product. A wine label has to be eye catching when sitting up on the shelf next to hundreds of other wine bottles. The consumer wants to quickly glance at the label absorbing as much information as possible. The information caught by the buyers’ eyes must be essential, clear, simple but powerful so that it convinces them within seconds that your wine is the best buy for them. We can have a range of different finishes for your wine labels making the consumers feel as though they are buying the classiest of all wines especially competing with wines globally. We have a plethora of options from the basic gloss to an old-style textured paper! Our flexo-printing and fresh inks lay down rich colors making the wine irresistible to buy! For more information on our Wine Labels, click here. Need labels for your Beer bottles? We do that too, click here for more information.