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We strive for perfection on every order and help deliver the perfect product by providing fast turnarounds, high quality products and excellent customer service.

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We Care

From startups to large corporations we are there to make sure you are taken care of. Not only do we take great care of our customers, but we take great care of our employees. Not only do we provide a safe place to work, we provide a full spectrum of benefits. We take care of our clients and employees.

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For over 4 generations we have continued to pull together and upgrade to state of the art technology. From new software, HP indigos, to lasers to all types of embellishments. Our family has evolved with the time and are ready to go! We are now one of the leading companies in technology advancements.


Quick Responses

Our labels experts are always available to you. We make sure that you get an answer fast. Whether you need to check on an order status or quotes we respond fast. We have a custom label and sticker team ready to respond to anyone needing questions. We know that you are busy and need answers now.

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American Made

American Tape & Label is an American owned and American operated company. We do not outsource any of our labor or staffing positions and provide the highest quality service and careers options for our employees.



American Tape & Label places a high emphasis on developing relationships and keeping promises. American Tape & Label’s experienced staff will be there to guide you through the entire printing process to fulfill your dreams of a successful product. As a leader in the label industry, we have the experience to be your professional printing consultant, informing you about paper stock, adhesives, layouts, type selection and color combinations.

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American tape & Label prides ourselves in our loyalty. Not only are we loyal to our direct clients, we are loyal to our wholesale clients.  We make sure to keep all information private and we will also package with wholesale brand on it.  We make sure that their clients are well taken care of under their name.  White labeling has a strong foothold in the label industry.

  • Private & confidential
  • Organized to keep your business labels stocked
  • Proper branding for proper products
  • No gap experience between vendors
  • Quick turnaround times for vendors.


With over 45 years of printing labels for the supplement and nutraceutical industry, we know that all products depend on their label to help sell their products. With a saturated industry we can print you labels that sell your product for you!

  • Echo-friendly label materials
  • Silver, chrome, white print,
  • Water-resistant, Private labeling
  • Taper label setup for your containers
  • Label record keeping
  • Multiple copies, Bulk pricing
  • Small label runs or Long label runs


American Tape & Label has been manufacturing labels for the beef and poultry industry since 1972. We are extremely familiar with many of the regulations. We know all too well the need to getting labels in a speedy manner.  We also know how important it is to have accuracy in the beef and poultry label industry.

  • State of the art technology
  • High tech cameras to inspect food labels for accuracy
  • Inventory on hand for rush orders
  • High quality materials
  • Special top quoting if needed
  • High quantity runs with no delay


We have partnered with many vape, edible, and extraction cannabis companies to provide medical and recreation marijuana labels.  We are familiar with all the common packaging and government regulation needs.  Let us be your professional cannabis labeling partner.

  • Multiple copies
  • Bulk pricing
  • Special paper options based on needs
  • 100 to over 100 million labels
  • Press proofs
  • Finished labeled products
  • Excellent customer service


Ok, lets face it we are all guilty of purchasing a product because the label made the product look awesome. Let us help you with your custom labeling needs for any products in this industry. We are fully equipped with many labeling requirements for these industries.

  • Lip balm labels, Shampoo labels
  • Waterproof labels, oil-resistant papers
  • Soap labels, Essential oil labels
  • Cosmetic labels, makeup labels
  • Lotion labels, Sunscreen labels
  • Natural product labels
  • Excellent customer service

Food and Beverage

Since 1972 we have determined the highest quality of papers and top coatings to use for this industry.  We are familiar with many FDA regulations, and machine labeling requirements, as well as industry standards. Let’s have a conversation about your labeling needs.

  • Meat labels
  • Beef jerky labels
  • Bison labels
  • Water bottle labels
  • Wine labels
  • Craft brewery labels
  • Professional labels

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