Wine & Spirits


In the wine industry, the label is the most important part of this product. A wine label has to be eye-catching when sitting up on the shelf next to hundreds of other wine bottles. The consumer wants to quickly glance at the label absorbing as much information as possible. The information caught by the buyers’ eyes must be essential, clear, simple but powerful so that it convinces them within seconds that your wine is the best buy for them. We can have a range of different finishes for your wine labels making the consumers feel as though they are buying the classiest of all wines especially competing with wines globally. We have a plethora of options from the basic gloss to an old-style textured paper! Our flexo-printing and fresh inks lay down rich colors making the wine irresistible to buy! For more information on our Wine Labels, click here. Need labels for your Beer bottles? We do that too, click here for more information.