Custom Candle Labels

People may buy candles for their aroma, but they are first drawn to candles based on labels and packaging. Candle labels should capture the essence of the aroma in a way that entices customers to sample their scents. At American Tape & Label, we understand that candle labels need to be able to withstand varying temperatures — that’s why we help you carefully select the correct label for your unique needs. We will make sure your labels last as long as the candle burns by selecting the right materials and adhesives for the job. Since candle labels are usually applied directly to the tins or jars, scents sometimes cause label discoloration. At American Tape & Label, we are dedicated to making sure your labels are durable enough to withstand both temperature and discoloration. While candles are not subject to the same FDA regulations that some other products are, there are still industry standards that help ensure safety. Since candles are considered a fire hazard, most candles have safety labels applied to the bottom of the container. Whether you are looking for labels for homemade candles or commercial products, we will work to ensure our labels are right for you.