Economical Operations

Internet Capabilities:

At American Tape & Label we are technologically advanced so that we are prepared to deal with any situation. You can receive one-on-one service in person or on the phone or by using the internet to order your custom labels. To eliminate the usage of paper, we are able to send proof of your custom label order electronically. We also accept approvals and orders electronically.

American Tape & Label has also developed software so that you are able to stay updated with the status of your order by emails. Not only does this allow American Tape & Label to communicate with our customers constantly, we have also eliminated the usage of paper within the office. We are also familiar with Microsoft programs used for inventory as well as design so we can solve all your challenges.

American Tape & Label will continue to improve with technology to stay up to date with the finest equipment and way of communicating that best suits you, our customer. You will get the best customer service possible here at American Tape & Label.

For more information Call our Sales team and they will help guide you in the right direction.

Press Checks:

American Tape & Label allows for our customers to come in for a press check. We will schedule a time so that you can come in and approve your actual label as it comes off the press. We want our customers to be completely happy with the labels they are getting, and by allowing them to come in and make any adjustments, we are able to help them reach all of their goals!

Allowing for press checks also eliminates the possibility of our new customers receiving unsatisfactory labels. We understand you need your labels quickly, and you want them to look perfect.

For more information Call our Sales team and they will help guide you in the right direction.

Recycling Paper:

In the office we are also conscious of protecting our environment. In order to eliminate the usage of paper we email proofs and approvals. We no longer use the amount of paper that many offices use! With the paper that we do use, American Tape & Label recycles.

Our technological improvements have allowed us to develop a software program that allows us to email notifications to keep our customers updated. Our program sends emails regarding label order confirmation, label order status, as well as label order completion. This program also allows us to keep track of orders within the computer so that they can be looked up in the future.


For more information Call our Sales team and they will help guide you in the right direction.


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