Four Color Process

Four Color

Four Color Process / Spot Printing Process

American Tape & Label was one of the first label printing companies in the United States to master the printing processes that it takes to make a quality label. Our equipment acquired since the 1970s has been accumulated with one thing in mind: To produce the highest quality multi-color and four color process labels in the industry. American Tape & Label has been working with four color process since the beginning accumulating a plethora of shapes and sizes, with the ability to order in your specific custom size. American Tape & Label understands that to truly master printing is to continue to evolve with technology through the years. We are continuing to improve our print quality by taking advantage of digital plates and staying ahead of the game with the latest direct-to-plate technology to achieve offset quality four color process. You can rest assured that American Tape & Label can produce color-accurate, high-quality, full color labels repeatedly.

American Tape & Label has the expertise to meet all of your four color process label needs with endless material and design options. Our clients utilize four color process labels for cosmetics and beauty labels, supplements, food and beverage labels, and promotional labels. There is no limit for any option you can have with our four color process labels. Please call a representative to receive more information involving types of papers, looks, custom packaging, such as rolls, sheets, etc. We will help you narrow down what you need for your specific product.

Four Color Process Labels:

Four color processes involves the combination of four colors to come together and creating an image of multiple colors. Those four colors are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. To make specific colors in certain spots tiny little dots indicate the amount of ink that will be laid down. The four plates are aligned to create a complete, colorful, and clear image. By separating all the colors in to four categories this will allow printers to print multiple different colors within one picture. Prepress for a four color process is extremely crucial to creating a quality complex label. If you are thinking of creating a complex label please call us and let us help you in designing a technical label so that the completed product will be a complete success. American Tape & Label utilizes the finest state-of-the-art equipment along with Cyrel plates available in flexographic printing presses, digital prepress proofing and prepress.

Spot Printing Process Labels:

Spot printing is different from four color process. In the spot printing we use pantone specific colors to create the vibrant look they want. They hold a single space creating one color. If it is one spot color, there would be one plate with one color. If we want three colors, there would be three plates each holding their own full color. At American Tape & Label we use plate technologies, digital direct to plate as well as Cyrel plates. This allows for multiple options in the printing process. Prepress is extremely important in preparing to print labels; although this sounds simple there are certain programs created to print a high quality label.

Please give us a call for more details on how to set up your label. American Tape & Label will do whatever it takes to set you up with a label that will print and give you the outstanding look you want!