Lip Balm

Lip balm labels have to say a lot in a small amount of space. At American Tape & Label, we can help you find the best use for your limited promotional real estate. A tight wrapped, durable label is essential to help your label withstand frequent handling and the fiction of cosmetics bags and purses. Whether you want to emphasize scent, moisturizing properties or organic ingredients, American Tape & Label can help make sure your lip balm label says exactly what you want it to. From tins to tubes, we have the right materials for your product.

A unique finish is a great way to bring attention to your lip balm. A pop of color and the right hint of shine can catch the eye of shoppers in an instant. Both film and paper labels are popular options for lip balm labels. American Tape & Label is proud to offer a variety of rich, high quality inks and a variety of paper and finishes to make sure the label says exactly what you want it to say. Our design team will work with you throughout every step of the process from the initial design to selecting the right materials for the job. At American Tape & Label, we want to be your personalize promotional team. It is our goal to get your product the attention it deserves. Contact us today to find out how American Tape & Label can help your lip balm stand out from the rest.