When it comes to products people use on their faces, people are picky — and rightly so. They don’t want to put just anything on their skin. Instead, they want to know that a product is useful, trustworthy and effective. Many makeup containers are small, meaning that there is limited space to promote your unique product. At American Tape & Label, we can help you make the best use of your limited promotional real estate to help your makeup stand out. Consumers make purchasing choices in an instant, and we can help ensure that your label sends the right message to shoppers.

At American Tape & Label, we can help you design a label that captures consumer attention, expresses the essence of your brand and speaks to your target audience. Custom foils and glossy finishes are a great way to add luster and shine to your product labels. They add a sophisticated flair that can speak to your brand’s quality and identity. We are familiar with the cosmetics industry and can help you design a label that will appeal to your target demographic. Our wide selection of rich, bold inks, quality papers and foils and cutting dies can help ensure your custom label fits snugly on your product. We take into account the need for durable labels in order to withstand frequent handling and the friction of cosmetics bags and purses. At American Tape & Label, we are dedicated to helping your promote your product. Contact us today to learn how we can walk you through every step of the design process.