Printing Improvements

Liner Waste of Label Paper in the flexo printing process :

Another way of approaching the environmental issue lies in the actual production methods that are involved with printing the labels. American Tape & Label works with current paper suppliers to calculate and prevent waste. This program addresses the nearly 1.2 billion pounds of liner waste that can be attributed to pressure sensitive label production that accumulates on a yearly basis. Knowing the types of liners that are being used is key in the opportunity for converters and end users to differentiate themselves and prevent liners from finding their way into a landfill. American Tape & Label will take the time to research the types of liners that are being used and inform the customers.


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Press Operator requirements:

At American Tape & Label the press operators are required to calculate the footage of paper needed as well as ink amount before running a job, preventing wastage. Our experienced and developed staff gives us the benefit of eliminating as much waste as possible. All measurements and angles are addressed before producing a label eliminating waste and increasing turn-around time at the same time as saving the environment.

We have an in-house program that the press operators are required to use to calculate and measure out specific amounts of ink creating the desired color. This eliminates the large amounts of ink that can be wasted and gives us the specific color required for your custom label. This makes color matching quick and precise. Press operators are also required to use reusable shop towels instead of disposable wipes.

At American Tape & Label prepress methods are used so that the operator is prepared to run the job thus eliminating mistakes and measuring out the specific materials that are required for your custom label. Not only do we work hard to get you an outstanding product, but we are taking the time and opportunity to be economically friendly.

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Inks That are used for Manufacturing Labels:

At American Tape & Label we have taken strides over the years to reduce the use of toxic inks and replace them with water-based inks. Water-based inks eliminate many of the toxic components in the printing process. Water-based inks use other solvents which do not lead to the production of ozone as the carrier for ink. The carrier must represent at least 75% of the liquid volume of the ink as applied. Water is considered an acceptable control technology. The inks American Tape & Label uses today are much safer for the environment.

There are some complications when applying water-based inks to films and foils. Over the years more water-based ink technology has come to fruition to meet the challenges. Although American Tape & Label has not completely mastered transferring over to a completely “green” production we are taking great strides every day in doing so.

For more information Call our Sales team and they will help guide you in the right direction.

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