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As a label company we have seen it time and time again how successful promotional labels are. Selecting a manufacturer to produce your promotional labels with the capability to exceed your expectations is paramount to the success of any promotional label program. They give customers that extra edge to spread their name and become part of the new trends. Coming up with a custom label provides a means for your message/statement to be seen in a variety of different ways and under multiple environmental conditions. It gives every product its own personal identity and distinct signature. Companies and organizations everywhere are putting their own logos and promotional messages, such as personal brandings/messages on a variety of products for potential customers: lip balm, sunscreen, window labels, seals, water bottles, mailers, bumper labels, windows, CDs, etc. We do a large number of lip balm labels, sunscreen labels, and water bottle labels; these kinds of products are becoming very popular as giveaways at trade shows and other special events.

American Tape & Label prides themselves in having a fully knowledgeable staff and for utilizing state-of-the-art machinery to produce your labels. We know how important it is to produce a label that will draw customers in for you. We have over 1,500 cutting dies in stock, with the luxury of ordering in a custom die so that it is the exact shape desired. American Tape & Label will give you full one-on-one service solving all challenges. We adjust to your needs. Call or email us for more information or to set up an appointment where we come to you!

Custom Labeling:

American Tape & Label has been producing high-quality, performance-tested custom labels since 1972. We consistently provide outstanding customer service, a quality product, and expedited delivery. Our expertise sets us apart from all other competitors. As a label company we have creative and cost effective alternatives for your custom printed labels. We can meet your custom label packaging needs with countless creative and cost effective alternatives in materials and design options. Our talented graphic design team can assist setting your product apart from the crowd with a design that truly “shoots off the shelf.” Our knowledgeable customer service staff can guide you through the appropriate label materials that are optional for the best specific product performance.

American Tape & Label provides a wide range of tag and label materials and adhesives for every application, as well as topcoat varnishes and film laminates for ultimate label protection. We can produce your labels on rolls or provide them in single sheets. We can print multiple colors, including vivid spot PMS colors, four color processes, ultra rich metallic and fluorescent inks. We also offer custom inks matching your special color upon request.

Whether you need a simple one color label or a four color process label with decorative design, American Tape & Label has the skill and expertise to meet all of your custom label needs. Set yourself apart from your competition by having American Tape & Label produce a winning label for your product.


American Tape & Label uses state-of-the-art machinery and the finest technology to produce a coupon label that can have printing on the back side as well as the front. We can produce a single layer label, or a clean release coupon. This will allow your customers to peel off a coupon from the product. With over 1,500 dies in stock we are sure to find a size that will fit on your product perfectly. We can manufacture anywhere from a one color to a four color process with any specific packaging requirements. Not only will a crisp colorful picture attract more buyers, they will also be happy when purchasing your product because they are receiving a coupon! In recent years, instant redeemable label coupons have become extremely popular. These will help to take your product sales to the next level (not to mention the nice gesture it gives your customers for purchasing your specific product).

We supply a complete line of product labels involving Instantly Redeemable Coupons (IRCs) to all product industries. Our customers use the IRCs to promote various products and also to gather information on the customers who purchase and use their products. The IRC is a double usage item that acts both as a marketing tool and also a sales/promotional tool. The IRCs are manufactured to allow for easy removal from the product and are easy for the retailer to redeem with no adhesive residue on the back side. Most IRCs use a bar code to speed the checkout and redemption process at time of purchase. IRC’s are also tractable through a software program. The coupon may be written on to collect customer demographic data.

Bumper Stickers:

Bumper stickers are an ideal way to get your message out, build identity, or promote your business, band, event, or even point of view. Our custom label company offers top quality design and printing on custom bumper stickers for cars. We offer bumper stickers that are durable and come in many sizes and shapes. We also have a custom process that is a crack and peel allowing one to easily peel apart the label from the back side. We also have repositionable bumper stickers that can be applied and removed cleanly from almost any surface with no residue. Let American Tape & Label help you design a label that will promote your product in an extremely efficient and modern way.

Window/Reverse Printed Labels:

American Tape & Label window labels are used for parking permits, automobile service reminders, warnings, beverage cold cases, promotion products, and for virtually any type of window advertising you can imagine. Please call us for special requirements such as a non-residue or removable product. We want to make sure that we customize your order to work best for you.

Window labels can be produced on white material or clear material in conjunction with our opaque white ink for superior print opacity. We can produce static cling window labels to be read from one side of a window or from both sides using multiple colors. American Tape & Label specializes in custom ink matching options upon request for your special color match projects. This method is extremely cost effective and we have outstanding turn-around time.


Call us for more information and let us meet your specific requirements.