When it comes to their hair, consumers want to know they are getting the very best. Shampoo labels are vital in sending an immediate message to customers about the product’s scent and beneficial properties. Shoppers make buying decisions in seconds, selecting products based simply on packaging and labels. At American Tape & Label, we will help ensure that your product labels are saying exactly what you want them to say. We offer a variety of options, including rich, bold inks in eye-catching colors and a variety finishes. Some ways to draw attention to your unique product include highlighting natural and organic ingredients, promoting an enticing scent and emphasizing product benefits such as shiny hair or reduced frizz.

Durability is one of the most important factors in considering shampoo labels. At American Tape & Label, we know what the humid environment of a shower or bathroom can do to labels — destroying adhesive and peeling away labels. Our shampoo labels and adhesives are resistant to moisture and peeling, helping your product labels last longer. We want to help you promote your product. Let us be your promotional partners as we work with you to design a label that will win your product the attention it deserves. From designing to color selection and material choices, we will help you through every step of the process. Contact us today to learn how American Tape & Label can help make your shampoo stand out from the crowd.