Digital Labels

Digital Labels

Digital Printing Press within the American Tape and Label Digital Printing Room

What are digital labels? How is digital label printing different?

Digital printing means producing printed labels without using traditional printing plates.  This lowers the cost for short run labels since the set up time is reduced. With the newest and most advanced technology digital labels are perfect for you short run full color labels.

Why would one use digital labels?

Consumers who are in need of a few hundred labels for their products are the perfect candidates for digital labels.  Maybe you are promoting multiple products but only want a minimal amount of labels for each product.  You no longer have to worry about all those plate charges and set up fees. This makes these types of labels affordable. Digital printing allows consumers to print small quantities so you can promote any and all of your products.

Please Remember!

Although Digital labels eliminate all plate charges for those short runs, digital labels are not ideal for higher quantity label runs.   For larger quantity runs please look at flexo printed labels.  If you are unsure which direction you should go, please ask a sales representative which method would be best fit for you and your products.

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